This dual-purpose brush offers the best of both worlds - taming and defining your brows with the spoolie end and adding drama with a winged eye liner look using the angled bristles.

For easy brows, dip the brush end into the Brow Dust and apply gentle strokes to your brows. You can use the spoolie end to groom your brows before application and to also soften the brow look after application.

Made with luxuriously soft vegan-friendly synthetic bristles, this brush will help you achieve perfection




This duo brush offers the perfect combination of functions to groom brows and apply Brow Dust with precision.

Its angled bristles are also ideal for creating a winged eye liner effect.

To use, brush brows with the spoolie end and then dip the brush end into the Brow Dust to apply.

When using with eye liner, simply dip the brush into the product and apply to the lash line.

This brush is crafted with synthetic, vegan bristles.