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Every product listed here is damaged in some way & can be purchased at a drastically reduced price. CHECK BACK REGULARLY AS NEW PRODUCTS ARE ADDED

We have not gone through and listed exactly the damage but generally the type of damage you can expect is - damaged packaging, the printing may be imperfect or the sifters may not fit perfectly, Lip products may be dinted or imperfect, some of the Lipglosses may be discoloured, the handles on brushes may be a bit wonky, pencils may not have perfect tips or the tip might be pushed down and need sharpening to use, there may be a little fall out in the lids of the powder products, the eyeshadow palettes my have scratches in the packaging or a dint etc in the shadow. 

There is usually only a few of each damaged product available at a time, so we will update the products as they become available.

To view the damaged products available, just click on the drop down menu. You will see the list of products. Once you click on a product you will see the price.

We have included colour charts to assist with shade selections and all product information can be found on the main product pages for each item.

If you would like more information on a damaged product in particular please email and we can advise you exactly how that individual product is damaged.

We do not accept returns on any of our damaged products.