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As we bid farewell to 13 beloved shades, seize this final opportunity to add these shades to your makeup collection.

Available while supplies last, don't miss out on making these exceptional shades yours before they vanish forever.

Discontinued shades:

Soft Lilac

Baby Pink

Turkish Delight





Ash Grey


Mermaid Tales






Elevate your eye makeup routine with our Loose Mineral Eyeshadows and discover a world of colorful brilliance.

From everyday elegance to special occasions, our eyeshadows provide the vibrant pigmentation and shade variety you need to express your unique style.

Why Choose Our Loose Mineral Eyeshadows?

  • Stunning Pigmentation: Our eyeshadows are crafted to deliver remarkable pigmentation, ensuring your eye makeup stands out with vibrant, long-lasting color.

  • A Spectrum of Shades: We offer an extensive selection of shades to cater to your unique style and preferences, making it easy to find the perfect color for any occasion.

  • Matte, Glimmer, and Shimmer: Whether you prefer a subtle matte finish, a touch of glimmer, or a captivating shimmer, our collection has you covered, allowing you to create diverse eye looks.

Experience the allure of Loose Mineral Eyeshadows – where color knows no limits.

Our Loose Mineral Eye Shadows are free from any harsh additives such as waxes, dyes or parabens and range from matte, glimmer and shimmer shades, all which compliment each other in thousands of different combinations.  

  • Mocha – A gorgeous brown shade, perfect for everyday wear. Suits all skin types. Pair with Bronze and Black for an earthy smokey eye. Pair with Bone Yard for a softer, matte look.

  • Golden Dream – A rich golden, copper. Suits all skins tones but can make older, crepey skin appear more dominant. Pair with Mocha and Gold Mine for an intense gilded eye. Pair with Turkish Delight for rosy glitter hit. Pair with Chocolate Parfait or our multi-purpose Bronzer for a warm sun kissed glow.

  • Black – An intense, opaque black. Also the perfect liquid eye-liner when added to a small amount of Liquid Magic. Add a small amount to any colour palette to deepen shade.

  • Silver – A bold, metallic silver. Pair with Golden Dream, Gold Mine or Aphrodite for a shimmery jewel explosion.

  • Ash Grey – A strong, charcoal grey. Perfect for smokey eyes. Pair with Bone Yard and Black for the perfect smokey eye, highlight with Irish Cream. Pair with Lavender or Silver for a steely, gunmetal shade.

  • Lavender – A silvery shade with blue undertones. Wears best on warmer skins that compliment cool tones. Pair with Mermaid Tales for a fun, bold eye. Best on larger, statement eyes. Pair with Baby Pink for soft girly hues of wisteria and orchid.

  • Soft Lilac – A gentle pastel, with purple hues. Suits most skins. Pair with Baby pink for a flirty floral finish. Pair with Black and Orchid for a more dramatic smokey eye with a difference.

  • Irish Cream – A rich, creamy pearl. A popular bridal choice and the perfect base colour. Suits all skins. Pair with any shade, highlights perfectly. Pair with Moss for a soft minty shade or add in Viper for more intensity. Pairs with any gloss or lipstick. Ideal for highlighting desired areas of the face.

  • Turkish Delight – A dramatic, shimmery, plum rose. Pairs well with Orchid and Irish Cream for a rosy finish. Mixes beautifully with Invisible Confidence or Cotton Candy for your own signature lip shade. Mix with a small amount Liquid Magic for a beautiful warm lip liner, great for Passion, Perfect Rose or any pink shade lip.

  • Bronze – A deep metallic chocolate. Pair with Black and Irish Cream for an intense smouldering eye. A great lip liner to mix into our Nude gloss and Nude Matte. Pair with Bone Yard for great everyday wear.

  • Gold Mine – Like falling into a pot of gold, an intense, golden bronze. Highlights any shade well and perfect worn alone.

  • Baby Pink – A delicate pastel with a hint of pink. Pair with Irish Cream for soft tones or Turkish Delight for more intensity. Pair with Silver or Frost for soft pastel tones.

  • Frost – A glistening myriad of illuminated tones, ideal for highlighting brow areas or mixing with other shadows. A great base or highlighter for eyes, face and lips. Pair with any matte shade to add shimmer and intensity. Pair with viper and black for a sleek reptilian eye.

  • Moss – A matte mint green shade, inspired by trending runway looks, can be worn alone or paired with a variety of shades. Pair with Irish Cream for softness, add black for intensity and drama.

  • Bone Yard – The perfect base and starting point for any look, this neutral matte tone works well on any skin type. Perfect base for any shade.

  • Orchid – A deep blush colour, this winter matte hue can be subtly worn for day, or create drama by adding water or other shades for night. Pair with Bone Yard and Cupid for warmth and sheen. Pair with Mocha or Chocolate Parfait for a natural earthy look.

  • Aphrodite – Dimensions of warm gilded copper tones. Mix with black for your signature shade. Pair with Viper for something a bit more dramatic.

  • Chocolate Parfait – A delicious, rich, matte brown. A great neutral transition shade, compliments any colour well. A lovely subtle brown when combined with Invisible Confidence.

  • Cupid – A shimmery blend of warm, rosy gold tones. A friend to any of our shimmers, mattyfies well with Chocolate Parfait or Moss.

  • Mermaid Tales – Bring out your inner sea goddess, a vibrant high pigment, teal shimmer. Pair with Turkish Delight for a bold, bright eye. A fantastic iridescent eye-liner.

  • Viper – A snakeskin blend of earthy green and gold. Pair with Mocha and Irish Cream for layers of olive and copper. Pair with Moss and Frost for a forest of sage and basil. Use as an eye-liner for added drama.


Tap a small amount of eyeshadow into the lid.

Dip our Eyeshadow brush into the loose mineral eyeshadow and tap off any excess product.

Pat the eyeshadow on to the eyelid. 

Now switch brushes and use the Eyeshadow Blending Brush to blend the eyeshadow.

Big open eyes free from creases and blemishes wear shimmers and glimmers best.

Eyes lacking elasticity or definition are best to focus on matte shades as they smooth the appearance of the skin creating a more open eye.  


As a Cream - Add a small amount of Liquid Magic to create a vibrant cream shadow.

As a Liner - Using a small amount of liquid magic and our angled liner brush, produce a multitude of liner colours.

For Lips - Apply a small amount to Invisible Confidence or pre coloured gloss to make your own signature shade. Enhance any lipstick with a gentle dusting over.

As a Highlighter – Use our lighter shades to highlight desired aspects of the face. Frost, Irish Cream, Baby Pink, Soft Lilac and Silver are all perfect options.

Coloured Mascara –  Fully coat mascara wand in product, apply to lashes, coating well. Apply a small amount of desired eye shadow colour to mascara wand and coat lashes, repeat if necessary. Be sure to clean the wand well after use as to not contaminate the remaining mascara, alternatively use a disposable mascara wand.



Zinc oxide, kaolin clay, magnesium stearate, silica, mica. May contain iron oxides.   Natural Ingredients Vegan Ingredients