Experience the magic of luminosity with our delicate Highlighter, a versatile gem that adds a touch of brilliance to both your face and body.

This highlighter is your key to emphasizing and defining your natural features, from brow bones to cheekbones, and even to your eyes, delivering a radiant glow that captivates.

Why Choose Our Delicate White Highlighter?

  • Emphasis and Definition: With this highlighter, you can accentuate and define your features, creating stunning effects on your brow bones, cheekbones, nose, cupid's bow, and lower lip.

  • Versatile Application: This highlighter's versatility extends to your eyes, where it can serve as a subtle base for eyeshadow, providing a luminous canvas for your eye makeup.

Elevate Your Glow Game with Delicate White Highlighter:

With the power to emphasize, define, and create subtle glows, this highlighter brings a touch of luminosity that illuminates your natural beauty.


A soft white illuminator, for face and body.

The perfect base for eye shadow or to highlight and define facial features.



Highlighter should be applied to areas to add height and create the illusions of stronger features.

Using the concealer brush or eyeshadow brush apply Highlighter:

  • Along the top and bottom of brow bones, exaggerating along the arch, for a more defined brow
  • Along the top of the cheekbone, in a downward angle to give the illusion of higher cheekbones
  • Down the bridge and the tip of the nose for a thinner, more pointed structure for wider noses.
  • Down the lines of the cupid bow, to enhance lip definition
  • In the centre of the lower lip, to create fullness


For Eyes – a great base or illuminator worn alone or with other shades.



Net Weight 6g.

Natural Ingredients

Vegan Ingredients