About the Founder/Director – Ellana Byers


Thank you so much for stopping by and listening to my story!


I started Be Coyote nearly 10 years ago with no money, no house (my husband & I had moved in with my parents), a newborn baby and no job.


So if you take anything from my story, I hope it is that anything is possible.


I had always loved the beauty industry and had opened my first beauty salon at 19 then I later moved on to work within the cosmetics manufacturing industry.


My skin soon became my biggest insecurity as hormonal acne became a part of my life.


I was self conscious and just wanted to hide my acne but couldn’t find any makeup that could cover all my redness, lumps and bumps without irritating my sore and inflamed skin.


After trialling so many different products and being disappointed with the results I knew that I couldn’t be the only one experiencing this issue and this soon lead to the creation of Be Coyote.


It wasn’t something that I rushed into. It took years to formulated our ‘hero product’ the Loose Mineral Foundation.


I worked with an Australian manufacturer to ensure the ingredients were 100% natural and ethically sourced and that there would be no nasty chemicals or low quality ingredients within the product. It was also an absolute must that the foundation could be built to a full coverage without feeling cakey or dry on the skin.


Now it was time to start Be Coyote……..but we had not money lol.


We were living on one wage, at my parents with about $100 in the bank.

So it took a bit of time to save the money I needed to start out.


I started out with a very small makeup line and as I began to sell products I would put all the money back into the business which allowed the business to grow.


Now nearly ten years later I still pinch myself at how far Be Coyote has come and I want to thank you for coming along the ride. Whether you have been with me from the start or you are just jumping on now, I thank you so much and am so grateful that you trust me with your makeup needs.

Without you, Be Coyote is nothing


Ellana xx