HD Powder

We have formulated this powder to bind beautifully with our Liquid Foundations. Although can also be worn with our Loose Mineral Foundations.

The amazing powder will help to mask fine lines and wrinkles and will set your makeup.



How to use HD Powder set concealer.

Dip our Beauty Sponge into the HD Powder and lightly press onto the areas you have applied the concealer. This will stop the concealer creasing. You must ensure there is no creasing in the product when you apply the HD Powder.

How to use HD Powder to set Liquid Foundation.

Apply HD Powder over the face, using either our Powder brush or Beauty Sponge.

If you use the Beauty Sponge , dip the sponge into the HD Powder then lightly press all over you face ensuring the HD Powder and Foundation blend seamlessly.

If you use the Powder Brush, dip the brush into the HD Powder then lightly press the brush all over our face. Pressing instead of sweeping the brush will ensure that you don’t move the foundation at all.

How to use HD Powder to set Loose Mineral Foundation

Use our Powder Brush, dip the sbrush into the HD Powder then lightly sweepthe brush all over our face.

We recommend using the VEIL to set the Loose Mineral Foundation, rather then the HD Powder but its all personal preference.



Ingredients: Silicon Dioxide