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- Loose Mineral Foundation

- Bronzer

- Highlighter

- Veil

- Primer OR Liquid Magic

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Formulated using the finest ingredients, our foundations are hypo-allergenic and suitable for all skin including the most sensitive skin types.

Our long lasting, water & sweat resistant mineral foundation is free of oil, talc and parabens and contains no preservatives, fragrances or bismuth oxychloride.

A Foundation and concealer in one, the loose minerals can be applied in alternating styles to provide multiple levels of coverage depending on preference.

With your foundation purchase we will include a FREE sample of the shade you have selected and the shades either side.  We do this so you can try the samples first and if it’s not a match you can exchange the unopened full size foundation for another shade :)


  • MF00 - This is our lightest shade and best suits a porcelain skin tone
  • MF0.5 - Our second lightest shade, best suited to those with a fair complexion and pink undertones.
  • MF01 – Best suited to a light skin tone. With dual elements to counteract pink and yellow undertones of the skin
  • MF02 - Best suited to a light skin tone. This shade has a yellow base so will counteract natural redness.
  • MF03 – Best suited to those with medium skin tones. Contains pink undertones to counteract yellow and sallow pigments in the skin.
  • MF04 - This shade suits a medium skin tone. Contains yellow undertones to counteract any pink tone in the skin.
  • MF05 - Best suites a tan to olive skin tone. This shade has a pink base so will counteract yellow and sallow pigments in the skin.
  • MF06 – This shade suits a tan skin tone. Contains yellow undertones to counteract any pink tone in the skin.
  • MF07 - This shade suits a Tan to Dark skin tone and has a pink base so will counteract yellow and sallow pigments in the skin.
  • MF08 – This shade suits a Tan to Dark skin tone and has a neutral base.
  • MF09 – This shade suits a Dark complexion and has a neutral base.
  • MF10 – This shade suits a dark, golden complexion with warm olive undertones.
  • MF11 – This shade suits a dark complexion with warm undertones.
  • MF12 – This shade suits a dark complexion with cool violet undertones.
  • MF13 – This is our darkest shade and will best suit a dark complexion with cool violet undertones.


Mica, titanium dioxide, rice powder, zinc oxide, boron nitride, kaolin clay, carnuaba wax & iron oxides. May contain ultramarine blue



A make up kit essential!

Our versatile Bronzer is the perfect product for anyone new to Be Coyote or those on a budget.

A myriad of gold and earthy tones, our highly pigmented gilded bronzer also doubles as an illuminator and is safe for use on face and body.

With endless application possibilities this product can be used as an eye shadow, blush or definer.

Free of oil, talc and parabens.


Zinc oxide, kaolin clay, magnesium stearate, silica, mica, may contain iron oxides.

NET Weight: 8g  (also available as a 1/4 Teaspoon sampler)


Apply Bronzer beneath bone structure of cheekbones, temples and jawline to create depth and definition of facial contours.

Can also be applied lightly to the sides of the nose to make appear smaller by making the bridge of the nose more pronounced.

Best only for light contouring, more defined contours are ideally applied with a matte product such as Dark or Dark Olive Mineral Foundation.


For Body – Dust bronzer in thin layers to the collarbones and cleavage can create the appearance of a thinner neck and fuller bust.

Apply evenly to legs, arms and back to replicate a natural sun kissed tan.

For Eyes – As a base or transition colour, our illuminated bronzer is stunning alone or pairs beautifully with our complete eye-shadow range.

As a Cream –  Mix with our Liquid Magic to intensify its colour for an intense eye or cheek paint or even cream eye-liner. By combining a small amount of Bronzer with a half a pump of liquid magic until reaching a creamy consistency, this will enhance the natural pigments in the product.

For Lips – Combine with our clear Invisible Confidence lip gloss to make a beautiful warm natural hue, or mix into our coloured glosses to make your own signature shade.



A soft white illuminator, for face and body.

The perfect base for eye shadow or to highlight and define facial features.



Net Weight 6g.


Highlighter should be applied to areas to add height and create the illusions of stronger features.

Using the concealer brush apply Highlighter:

  • Along the top and bottom of brow bones, exaggerating along the arch, for a more defined brow
  • Along the top of the cheekbone, in a downward angle to give the illusion of higher cheekbones
  • Down the bridge and the tip of the nose for a thinner, more pointed structure for wider noses.
  • Down the lines of the cupid bow, to enhance lip definition
  • In the centre of the lower lip, to create fullness


For Eyes – a great base or illuminator worn alone or with other shades.

For Lips – Mix into a gloss or wear over a lipstick to create your own signature shade.

As a Cream –  Create a cream face or eye colour by mixing with a small amount of liquid magic.

Create your own – Mix into any eye-shadow, blush or bronzer to widen your colour palette even further.



The final step in your make-up application.

This product is a must have! 

It absorbs excess oil during the day and eliminates shine.

If you have oily skin and get shine later in the day you can apply Veil and it will instantly take away the shine leaving your makeup untouched.

It is also I setting powder.

Veil will also help eliminate the appearance of large pores and will give an all over smoother look.

If you are not using this product, you are missing out!! 

See it used here 


Rice powder, magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide, mica, iron oxides.

Net weight 6g.


As a setting powder  – Apply over entire face (including eye shadow) for longer wear and to set your make-up for the day. The perfect partner for bridal and editorial make-up.

Bake (intense setting technique for extended wear) – Apply thick layer of Veil beneath eyes and to T-zone and leave for a number of minutes, concentrate on another area while this sets, the longer the better. Once set, dust and blend with large powder brush.

For very oily skins – Apply after primer, before foundation for added absorbency and to eliminate excess oil.


Many avoid primers as they can be seen as unnecessary or are unsure how to use the product, in reality a primer is an essential tool for a flawless, long lasting application.

  • Ingredients help smooth and refine skin
  • Brightens and balances complexion
  • Moisturises
  • Extends durability of make up application
  • Aids in warmer weather by setting make up, and provides a base for make up to adhere to
  • Minimises pores
  • Prevents creasing of foundation
  • Can be worn alone for a smoother natural appearance


Mineral Primer

We have formulated this Mineral Primer to bind seamlessly with our Liquid Foundation.

It can also be used with our Loose Mineral Foundations.

This primer is light weight and feels like silk on your skin!

It evens out your skin tone and creates a ‘blurring’ effect, smoothing out fine lines and pores and minimising any uneven texture of your skin.

Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive.

 Natual Primer

Primer is the first step in your make up application, preparing the canvas of the skin for a smooth and flawless finish.  Suitable for all skin types, especially oily.

Our primer will hydrate dry areas and help to eliminate shine from oily areas.

Not recommended to use with our Liquid Foundations.

Liquid Magic

This product is perfect for anyone who prefers a liquid foundation and enjoys a fuller coverage, or those looking to gain the most versatility from their mineral range.


Apricot Kernal Oil, Macadamia Oil, Jojoba Oil, Rosehip Oil, Cherry Kernal Oil, Avocado Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Vitamin E, Lavender, Lemon, Geranium, Frankincense and Rose essential oils.


For a soft dewy finish – Apply one pump of Be Coyote Liquid Magic all over face and neck, allow oil to settle into skin for a minute or two, apply powder and this will provide a fuller yet natural finish, medium to full coverage.

Full coverage – This is a combination of the first two steps by mixing a small amount of powder with a pump of Liquid Magic, combine these until liquid reaches a creamy consistency.

Apply cream foundation all over face with Kabuki Brush or Be Coyote Liquid Make Up Brush and set by applying a layer of Mineral Foundation and then Veil for a perfect long wear, satin finish.


As a Treatment – Liquid Magic is a delicate blend of essential oils and Vitamin E and hence can double as a moisturising treatment.

As a Colour Customiser – You can custom blend your foundations this way, using multiple different foundation shades if you wish.

For Eye Shadows – Mix a small amount with eye-shadow for a cream shadow with intensity and vibrancy

For Face Products – Mix with blush, highlighter or bronzer to make a cream eye, cheek or lip colour.

As a Liner – Mix a small amount with dark eye shadows and apply as a gel eye or lip liner with our Angled Liner Brush.

As a Brow colour – Combine a small amount Liquid Magic with Brow Dust to create a gel brow colour for a more defined structured look.

Creating Concealer – All Be Coyote Mineral Foundations double as concealers. If you prefer to use a liquid concealer, dab the tiniest amount of Liquid Magic to your hand/ palette tray and add your Mineral Foundation to create the desired consistency. Apply liquid concealer as usual. You can then apply your Mineral Foundation either in powder form or liquid form, which ever you prefer.

NB: If the balance is not correct, your creations will either be too slippery from too much Liquid Magic or will appear pasty and thick from too much powder, either of these combinations will not give you an even application or perfect finish. Taking the time to become familiar with Liquid Magic is priority, once confident you will see how amazing and essential this product is in your Be Coyote collection.

Be sure to check out our tips & tricks page for more tips using liquid magic.