Interview with Miss Galaxy Australia National Finalist Kassandra Kashian

Interview with Miss Galaxy Australia National Finalist Kassandra Kashian

Be Coyote Admin

Ellana: Hi Kassandra, thank you for speaking with us today. We have been following your galaxy journey and are very excited to see what unfolds at the national final. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Kassandra: Hi Ellana! Thank you so much for having me. That’s great to hear. My name is Kassandra Kashian and I am representing Canada Bay in the upcoming finals of Miss Galaxy Australia for 2016. I am a full time university student studying a Bachelor of Business with a major in Marketing Communications, Public Relations and Event Management. I am a part time make up artist and absolutely love creating new looks! I also have two beautiful dogs called Coconut and Honey.

Ellana: That’s wonderful! You mentioned you are a make up artist… are you familiar with our Be Coyote products?

Kassandra: Yes I absolutely love your products! I have already packed them into my suitcase to take away with me as my secret weapon for the national finals. I love that the mineral foundation allows your skin to breathe and still looks incredibly flawless. It is so hard to find good products that give amazing coverage and are good for your skin. I am so excited to be using your products!

Ellana: That’s great to hear. What would you say is your favourite Be Coyote product?

Kassandra: I do love the mineral foundation but I also adore the blush in the shade ‘strawberry kiss’. It really makes blue eyes pop and adds radiance to any look! Oh and I also love the lipstick in the shade ‘temptress’… it is my ideal everyday glam colour and lasts so well!

Ellana: I love those products as well! I am glad that you are enjoying your products and love that you are taking them with you to the national finals! Can you tell us a little bit about Miss Galaxy Australia and what will be involved at the national finals?

Kassandra: Miss Galaxy Australia is a pageant system that encourages contestants to get involved within their community, take part in fundraising for charity (Make A Wish Australia and Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors) and become a positive role model for young women. Contestants are judged on fashion wear, swim wear, evening wear, interview and photogenic. Australia Galaxy Pageants aims to provide the motivation and tools to inspire contestants to become the best version of themselves. At the national finals we will be having orientation, group fitness, swimwear and fashion wear photo shoots, rehearsals, interviews and finally the crowning ceremony!

Ellana: That sounds like it will be a very busy and exciting week for you! When is the crowning ceremony?

Kassandra: The crowning ceremony will be held on Saturday the 16th of April. The lucky girl who wins the crown will go forward and represent Australia at an International level at the Miss Galaxy Finals in Florida in August.

Ellana: How exciting! Why do you think you would make a good Miss Galaxy Australia?

Kassandra: I believe I have the motivation, dedication and passion to take the Miss Galaxy Australia title to new heights. I have had such a positive experience during my galaxy journey and would love to encourage more young women to enter this incredible pageant system and challenge themselves. It is an incredible learning experience and I believe I could inspire more young women to take part in this pageant than ever before. I would utilise my social media following to communicate with a local and national audience and would continue my work with my local community groups. I would love to organise community based events and bring people together. I will also continue my work with Make A Wish Australia and Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors. Being a business marketing student I know what it takes to make successful events and campaigns and believe I could use these skills if I were to win Miss Galaxy Australia. I have dedicated myself to my galaxy journey for the past year and have proven I have what it takes to make an amazing Miss Galaxy Australia for 2016.

Ellana: It is great to see you have though about what you would like to do with the tittle and you have such passion about this cause! Thank you very much for speaking with us today and we wish you all the best at the national finals!