6 makeup mistakes for mature skin

6 makeup mistakes for mature skin

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Makeup Mistakes That Will Make You Look Older

Forget applying your makeup how you did in your 20s! It’s time to adapt and take better care of your skin, meaning it’s time to revamp your makeup routine. Getting older means we’re prone to wrinkles, age spots and all the things we didn’t ask for – but that doesn’t mean we can’t work with what we’ve got! Here’s some mistakes you should be avoiding. 

Thick foundation

The last thing you want to do is start off with a heavy base. Reach for a thinner foundation, as it will appear nicer on the skin and won’t sink in as heavily into wrinkles. Make sure you do a hydrating skincare routine, so your foundation will apply better.

Going overboard on powder products

Setting powder is NOT your friend! It’s time to say goodbye to it and hello to cream products! Powder can really dry out the skin and creep into all the cracks and lines, making you look older. If you must apply powder, do a lighter and use a light hand. Plus, you can always turn your powder products into creams!

Wearing dark eyeliner

Your days wearing dark eyeliner on your waterline and lower lash line are gone. But, you don’t have to say goodbye to liner forever! Instead of focusing on the lower part of the eye, you can always draw a thin line on your upper lash line. This way, you won’t be saying goodbye forever.

Applying blush on the apples of your cheeks

You don’t want to look like a Cabbage Patch Kid! Instead of focusing your blush on the apples of your cheeks, bring it back a bit further – this will make you look younger and can take 10 years off your look! Always apply blush lightly and tap off any excess from your brush before you apply to the cheeks.

Too much eye shadow

Eye shadow is still welcomed, but just make sure you’re not rocking the smoky eye. Using neutral shades will make you look put together and won’t drag your eyes down. Focusing on opening up your eyes rather than making them smaller will keep you looking younger for longer!